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NOFMA Releases Technical How-To On Proper Glue Down Of Solid Wood Floors


Memphis, Tenn.— NOFMA: The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association has released a technical information paper (TIP sheet) with its recommendation on the proper way to glue down NOFMA-certified solid wood floors directly to a slab. In the past, NOFMA has not recognized glue-down as a recommended installation procedure for solid wood other than parquet flooring. However, with the help of its technical committee, the advancement in glues and the stringent manufacturing standards for NOFMA-certified wood flooring, the Association has restated its position. The TIP sheet can be downloaded for free or purchased for $5 by visiting

Today, building homes on concrete slabs is the normal construction technique in many areas of the country. In recent years, technological advancements in adhesives and moisture retarders have made it possible to successfully glue solid wood flooring to slabs in situations other than parquet applications.

In the past, NOFMA has avoided recommendations for two reasons: a concrete slab does not behave the same way as a traditional wood system, particularly with respect to nailing, and a slab can be a potential moisture source and adversely affect the performance of the flooring in dramatic fashion. The TIP sheet applies only to “on” or “above” grade applications and when using NOFMA-certified wood flooring.

“As technology changes, we should reevaluate our positions. However, we will always dedicate ourselves to providing the most accurate, informative, and useful technical information and instruction where the end result is a properly performing wood floor,” said Mickey Moore, NOFMA’s Technical Director.

NOFMA notes that glue-down applications require the installer to take additional steps to ensure success. “It should be noted that some wood flooring manufacturers may not approve of direct glue down application of their solid wood products. As such, we always recommend checking with the manufacturer prior to installation. “

The TIP sheet covers pre-installation guidelines including job-site conditions, handling and storage and slab requirements. The installation recommendations follow with the end of the TIP sheet discussing some additional precautions for gluing wood flooring directly to a wood subfloor.

“These are interesting times for not only the wood flooring industry but also for NOFMA,” Moore continued. “Our industry has significantly changed from when our organization began nearly 100 years ago. NOFMA is prepared to change with it, and our recommendation for glue down is just the beginning of more to come.”

About NOFMA—The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association:
Headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., NOFMA is the only organization to write and enforce quality standards and grading rules for both solid and engineered hardwood flooring products. For almost 100 years, NOFMA has been raising industry standards for quality, environmental responsibility and research. In addition to Red Oak and White Oak, the NOFMA grade mark appears on Maple, Hickory, Pecan, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Walnut, and Ash flooring products. NOFMA members manufacture more than 80 percent of the hardwood flooring produced in the U.S. In addition to establishing the standards of manufacture and certifying NOFMA member products meet these standards, NOFMA publishes and distributes product and technical literature and provides grader education to help its member mills maintain and improve quality control in hardwood flooring manufacturing. For more information, visit or contact NOFMA at

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